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Context & Participants

To further promote cost engineering as a multidisciplinary field and a viable career path, ESA and CNES are issuing a call for the Student Poster Challenge as a highlight of the SCEC 2024 conference. This initiative aims to foster innovative thinking among university students, specifically focusing on the convergence of the space sector and cost engineering.

Participants are encouraged to propose ideas centred on:

  • Developing cost models within university environments.
  • Implementing systems design to cost activities.
  • Extracting insights from cost engineering projects within university initiatives like CubeSats and New Space initiatives.
  • Exploring space economics through rigorous research and modelling.
  • Introducing groundbreaking cost reduction strategies and technologies tailored for space exploration.

While the challenge primarily targets students from Aerospace Engineering faculties, we extend a warm invitation to students from various engineering disciplines, economics faculties, and related fields. Through this initiative, our goal is to empower and inspire the next generation of leaders in programmatic pursuits, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Selection criteria

  • Originality of the promotion concept.
  • Adaptation to a young audience, typically university students or young graduates.
  • Illumination of the specificities of the space domain.


  • Prepare a single-page, A3-sized poster comprehensively explaining your work.
  • Participants must be students during the 2023/2024 academic year.
  • Include the following sections: abstract, background content, and conclusion.
  • The creator or copyright holder will grant the Student Poster Challenge organizers (CNES and ESA) free worldwide authorization to distribute their work in any format, for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with the rules of the French Intellectual Property Code.
  • The deadline for submission (in Word or PDF) is July 4.


  • Selected poster(s) will be displayed during the conference;
  • Students (maximum of 2) of the best poster submission will be invited to present their work at the conference in person, see Program.
  • These students will benefit from free conference registration, and sponsoring of travel and accommodation kindly offered by the ESA Academy; see details below.

The ESA Academy Conference Student Sponsorship programme has kindly offered sponsorship for travel (up to 300 euros per student) and accommodation (2 nights, maximum reimbursement of 200 euros per team), on top of the free admission provided by the conference organisation.

This concerns a maximum of 2 students of the winning team, under the following ESA Academy eligibility criteria:

  • Be minimum 18 years old at the time of conference;
  • Be a citizen of an ESA Member State, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia or Slovenia;
  • Be enrolled in a tertiary education academic programme (not graduating before the conference);
  • Not benefit from an overlapping financial support to attend this conference, unless duly justified;
  • Agree with the conditions of the ESA Academy Privacy Policy.

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